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Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 6.4.5

  • BERTA: Version 5.2 of Berta provides new features to the following models: + Berta_Site/algoberta : * Corrected F0 Hz wave generator * Gradual return from frequency ramps instead of abrupt resets * Configurable 50/60 Hz PLLs * Minimum duration of frequency resets set to 3 seconds. * Added power system stabilizers + Berta_Site/stab : * Added power system stabilizers + Algo_princ: * Externally provided servomotor positions * Parameterized minimum and maximum of the distributor. * Added Support for OP8620 (TT#8453)
  • SSN: Fixed assignment to multiple cores that could result in watchdog events at execution. (TT#8452)


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 6.4.4

  • ePhasor: All ePhasor components have now been moved into RT-LAB 10.7.8. Starting from this version, Artemis is not required to use ePhasor. (TT#8387)


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 6.4.3

  • SSN: Fixed issues with larger SSN models that caused crashes during compilation with RTLAB, or after several consecutive offline simulations. (TT#8359, RT3#271596)
  • ePhasor: Added support for multi-core parallelization. (TT#8119)


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 6.4.2

  • All related Berta blocks now support an input to parameterize more easily the fundamental signal frequency (50 Hz 60 Hz) (TT#8144)
  • SSN: Fix an execution error that used to occur if a ground block was left unconnected. (TT#8126)
  • SSN: Fix an error that used to occur when a current sensor was connected with one open end. (TT#8145)
  • ePHASORsim: Fixed several issues with the PSS/e import functionality: out of service components and isolated busses are now skipped from being read. (TT#8117)
  • ePHASORsim: Fixed an issue where the PSS/e converter cannot detect multiple loads connected to the same bus, or loads that have a zero value. (TT#8116)
  • ePHASORsim demos are now available. (TT#8013)


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 6.4.1

  • Added new ePHASORsim demo to import data from PSS/e (TT#8021)
  • Added new ARTEMiS demo: how to code a simple inductance with user code in SSN. (TT#8016)
  • Fixed some ARTEMiS demos for compatibility with 2011b and higher. (TT#8015)


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 6.4.0

  • Added support for Matlab R2012A and R2012B. (TT#7890)
  • Fixed: AD_GRID_06 (wind-farm demo) divergent with recent versions of RT-LAB/ARTEMiS. (TT#7833)

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