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Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.0.5

  • Added workaround so that demo examples are now viewable in Matlab Help for R2015a Service Pack 1.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.0.4

  • Compatibility with MATLAB R2015a Service Pack 1.
  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.0.8.
  • Solved an important issue related to the parallelization of SSN calculation. All RT-LAB versions between 11.0.0 and 11.0.7 experienced an increased calculation time when using the in-step parallelization feature of SSN. RT-LAB 11.0.8 and ARTEMiS 7.04 solve this issue.
  • Solved issue related to re-ordering of SSN User custom groups.
  • Solved .map issue that prevented compilation under RT-LAB 11.0.7.
  • Upgraded SSN demo: DFIM wind-turbine snubberless induction machine and crowbar protection.
  • Upgraded SSN demo: 9-level inverter with low harmonic multi-winding feeding transformer.
  • Upgraded SSN demo: Train Traction Drive using 3-level NPC inverter and PMSM.
  • Upgraded SSN demo: 48-pulse GTO STATCOM using SSN and high-impedance capable 3-level TSB inverters.
  • New SSN distribution grid demo based on IECON-2016 paper.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.0.3

  • Compatibility with MATLAB R2014b.
  • Added new SSN Snubberless Synchronous Machine model with saturation. Comes with a separated routine to convert PU standard parameters to SI.
  • Added new SSN Snubberless Asynchronous Machine model (Single-Fed and Doubly-Fed).
  • Added new SSN Snubberless PMSM Machine model.
  • Added new SSN Snubberless demo section.
  • Re-organization of wideband line/cable routines. New entry script is called EMTP2SSN_WideBand.m.
  • Bug correction in conversion routines for FD-line model using cables.
  • Naval combat survivability testbed model upgraded using the latest TSB and SSN. Model name is ssn_NavalCombatSurvivalTestbed.mdl.
  • SSN OLTC correction of S-function builder command. Command now points to gcb instead of bdroot.
  • Added new 3-level NPC inverter TSB model in ARTEMiS Custom Models library. This 3-level NPC model supports high-impedance modes and has no SPS switches inside like the 2-level TSB newgen.
  • Alternative version of SSN OLTC made without S-function (like all snubberless SSN machine models).
  • Added version compatibility table with RT-LAB.
  • Added conversion file to directly read an EMTP-RV Wideband fitting file into SSN and therefore bypass the standard SSN Wideband fitter. Note that ARTEMiS still need EMTP-RV to compute the cable/line RLC matrices as a function of frequency.
  • Modified SSN floating subnetowrk routine to be more selective.
  • Known limitation: Wideband line model does not support complex poles for the characteristic admittance. In practice, such complex poles are very rarely produced by the wideband line fitters, however.
  • Added warning to avoid a crash in case a multi-input Simulink scope with the 'Save data to Workspace' option turned on with the 'Array' format. It is recommended that users select 'Structure with time' format to avoid this issue. The workaround is to use the Structure or Structure with time formats in Simulink Scopes.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.0.2

  • Added demo of snubber-free modeling of the asynchronous machine in SSN.
  • Corrected demos with variable turn-ratio transformer models. The SSN S-function external code has now a version number.
  • Added IEEE standard demos (IEEE 34-node, IEEE 37-bus, IEEE New England 39-bus) in SSN. Note: demo files classification is still not optimized but all required files are in the release.
  • Corrected compatibility of asynchronous machine model with MATLAB R2013a.
  • Added warning message for ITVC algorithm in SSN if a thyristor has a null offset voltage (ITVC requires a non-null offset voltage).
  • Added details to documentation about TSBs with high-impedance capability.
  • Added SSN SVC demo. This model was published in one of the papers on SSN.
  • Improved treatment of isolated circuits in SSN. Warning and suggestion messages added if an SSN group does not have a ground reference.
  • Generalized mutual inductance issues fixed.
  • More complete SSN documentation: added fundamental SSN explanations, optimization advice, flags, etc...
  • Known limitation: ARTEMiS can cause MATLAB to crash when a multi-input Simulink scope with the 'Save data to Workspace' option turned on with the 'Array' format. It is recommended that users select 'Structure with time' format to avoid this issue. The workaround is to use the Structure or Structure with time formats in Simulink Scopes.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.0.1

  • Capability to make real-time iterations on Surge Arrester ( or Metal Oxide Varistor, MOV) models and Switches in SSN.
  • Optimized LU factorization method in SSN using optimal ordering for non-switched nodes, switched nodes and iterative nodes. Very similar to the well-known Dommel paper of 1969 (except for iteration stuff).
  • I-type NIB comes with default 1e9 Ohms resistance to avoid a common source connection error in SPS.
  • POW blocks are available for fault testing.
  • Many new demos of Distribution Gird with a very large number of equivalent EMPT node count.
  • New demos for iterative MOV and switches.
  • Added the AD-DRIVE-08 demo.
  • Added many versions of AD-DRIVE-06 (Melco PMSM) using SSN, TSB and snubber-free TSB (using MMC method).
  • Dynamic calculation of switch permutation options is now obsolete: with SSN, there is no limit on the total number of topologically connected switches so this option is useless now.
  • RLC load substitution by Dynamic load option is now obsolete. Since the R2011b, the SPS load flow can handle RLC load correctly.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.0.0

  • Added compatibility with the RT-LAB 11.0.X product family. (TT#8494)
  • Removed support for Matlab versions R2009B to R2011A. Compatible Matlab versions now range from R2011B to R2013A. (TT#8495)
  • Removed support for the QNX real-time operating system. (TT#8493)

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