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Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.2.3

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.2.3
  • Renamed SSN Ground Referencing Resistor block.
  • Fixed certain RT-LAB compatible online demos: ssn_9LevelDrive_xfozigzag, ssn_DFIM_wind_turbine_with_crowbar and SSN_IEEE_123Node.
  • Added documentation for Artemis decoupling blocks and editable sample time.
  • Correction to SSN resistance model.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.2.2

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.2.2
  • Compatibility MATLAB 2011b, 2015a-SP1 (prefered version), R2016b, R2017a (64 bits)
  • SSN solver and discretization methods are now used for all-electric subsystems, even if the model is not modeled with SSN (flag DISABLE_SSN_FOR_NON_SSN_MODELS can be used to use old state-space S-function)
  • SSN initial conditions now set to 0 automatically
  • Added scientific paper section to the demos
  • Added benchmark section to the demos
  • New Kundur 4-machine, 2-area model with SSN synchronous machine
  • New IEEE 123 node test feeder using SSN demo
  • SSN printout of matrix invertibility condition number when USE_MFILE_SSN_SFUNCTION=1 is set in the workspace
  • Updated 3 winding 3-phase OLTC transformer demo using SSN: now without S-function builder block.
  • Bipolar HVDC with switched filter banks online demos modified to have a better numerical response with LDLT solver.
  • 3-level NPC TSB model: ground connections are now implicit.
  • Code correction in SSN-OLTC model v2 (without S-function)
  • New SSN demo containing distributed parameter line with breakers and faults at both ends


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.2.1

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.2.1
  • Major scientific papers at ARTEMiS-SSN now accessible in the on-line demo section
  • SSN benchmarks accessible in the on-line demo section
  • Various small corrections to demo models
  • RT-LAB snapshot functionality for Simscape Power Systems sfun_discreteVariableDelay S-Function. This allows support for the following blocks: in powerlib_meascontrol/Measurements: Fundamental(PLL-Driven), Mean(Variable Frequency), Positive-Sequence(PLL-Driven), Power (PLL-Driven, Positive-Sequence); and also in powerlib_meascontrol/PLL blocks.


Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.2.0

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.2
  • Compatibility MATLAB 2011b, 2015a-SP1 and R2016b (prefered versions)
  • New LDLT Factorization option in SSN to improve real-time speed.
  • Adding Delayed Speed Term option in most SSN rotating machine models (SM, DFIM, and PMSM)
  • Major bug correction for SSN solver affecting Rotating machine models mainly: the model admittance matrix was copied in the global system admittance matrix in a transposed way. The copy of the admittance matrix is now correctly done. This only affects machine models, without delayed speed terms, because these have asymetric matrices.
  • Model corrections to SSN-SM and SSN-DFIM to have a delayed discrete B matrice used during SSN model calculation. This delayed B matrice corrects a discrepancy between internally computed current and external ones in the case with the machine connected to very small loads.
  • Model updates for SSN-SM: more measurements available
  • New SSN Custom models available: Parallel RLC, Series RLC, R, all with on-line changeable RLC parameters.
  • New Reconfigurable breaker model available with script and demo. Using this model, one can turn breakers into fixed/closed circuits using a single model running multiple test scenarios.
  • Installer correction: IEEE 39 bus 10 machine demo is now really accessible
  • Removal of iteration printouts by default in offline mode. op_ssn_print_iteration_info variable must be set in workspace now.
  • HELP available for iMOV, TSB 2-level, TSB 3-level and other blocks
  • SSN Dynamic load demo available. More stable than the injection-based dynamic load of SPS. (beta version)
  • New RT-LAB and ARTEMiS SSN Monte-Carlo test demo using the snapshot feature

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