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Complete list of changes in ARTEMiS 7.4.0 

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 11.4.0
  • Support Matlab R2018a, R2018B
  • New SSN Wideband model (2-4-6 phase available) with simple fitter data input; the model has been validated with Hypersim
  • New Marti FD-line model (3 phase only, beta) with simple fitter input.
  • New SSN Wideband fitter GUI for lines and cables. Cable option is new and is made from Hydro-Quebec Crinoline routines. The Fitter GUI produces a (.dat) fitting file directly usable by the new Wideband model of SSN.
  • New demo and new beta block of 3-phase Distributed Parameter Line with variable fault position. This demo is made with SSN methodology: losses are now exactly split on both sides of the fault (as opposed to the similar non-SSN model which assumes a 50/50 repartition for all fault positions) R2015a+ only
  • Added demo: MMC HVDC link using TSB-type model (model coming directly from the MMC blockset)
  • Added demo: MMC HVDC link using SSN User-Custom-Model in one station; gives better accuracy than TSB-type in rectifying modes
  • Fix of Active Distribution Grid with High Penetration of Distributed Generation using SSN
  • Fix of SSN Dynamic load demo: now using low pass filter in RL calculation for improved stability
  • Fix of SSN Synchronous machine models (with and without a neutral terminal), 6th order
  • Fix of SSN Parallel RLC and SSN Series RLC blocks: corrected delay on B matrix, similarly done in SSN machines in earlier fixes
  • Fix of OLTC SSN model in artemis.mdl for proper automatic S-function building
  • Fix of Simple inductance SSN demo
  • Added documentation about line/cable model selection and fitters.

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