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Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.7.2

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 2022.1

New Features

  • New SSN Spatial-Harmonic-PMSM model compatible with JMAG and Maxwell data formats. The model is snubber-free.
  • New SSN  '1-port' (grounded) or '2-port' Parallel-RLC and Series-RLC blocks. Port number are user selectable. SSN RLC blocks allow for on-line parameter modifications.
  • New Smart Inverter library (beta)
  • Steady-state initialization in SSN for source and linear parts.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • SSN-OLTC (v3) had a bug in code generation only. Fixed.

Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.7.1

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 2021.3

New Features

  • New 5-level Neutral Point Clamped TSB-RD model and demo.
  • New Virtual Educational Laboratory demo page. Included laboratories: synchronous machine and induction machine.
  • New Machine models with constant admittance matrix. Can accelerate simulation by allowing prefactorization of the SSN admittance matrix.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • All SSN custom models (Machines, RLC, etc...) are now fully linked to the library and runnable in this mode.
  • All SSN synchronous machine model optimization on the inductance inverse, now made separately in the d and q axes.
  • ArtEvents TSDOUT bug resolved: ports numbers were not in order (beta).

Complete List of Changes in ARTEMiS 7.7.0

  • Compatibility with RT-LAB 2021.2

New Features

  • Support of MATLAB versions R2020a and R2020b.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Correction to the SSN-PMSM motor model: works correctly now with the delayed speed term option.

  • Correction to the Banshee demo: added missing files required for execution in Simulink.
  • Correction to the standard SPS IGBT model: now works correctly in ARTEMiS.
  • ArtEvents PWM block now includes a phase shift option on the duty cycle for application with cascaded inverters with phase shifted carriers. (Beta)
  • New demo with 5-level NPC inverter using TSB-RD. Model name: TSB_RD_5levelNPC_Drive.slx (Beta)
  • Introductory Help page for the Opal-RT Machine Courseware.
  • Multirate stubline parameter modification for easier parametrization.
  • SSN-OLTC transformer parameter modification for easier parametrization.
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