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This circuit simulates the energization of a 3-phase power line model with ARTEMiS Distributed Parameter Line (ARTEMiS DPL) model and compares the responses with a pi-line model (This model is similar to the SPS demo power_triphaseline.mdl).

The key aspect of ARTEMiS DPL model is that it causes SPS to produce a decoupled system of state-space equations for the circuits located on both sides of it. On the image below, the colored areas indicate the 3 different sets of state-space equations. The ARTEMiS DPL separated the upper circuit in 2 sets.

In an offline simulation, this results in smaller sets of equations that are faster to simulate than if taken globally. A more fundamental effect is obtained in real-time applications where the resulting decoupled tasks can be simulated on different computational units (cores/CPUs).


Start the simulation of the model with the ARTEMiS DPL (default). Once the simulation is completed, you can check that the 3 state-space systems have been built by looking under the powergui block. (Press Ctrl-U while the block is selected).

You can change the type of DPL directly from the ARTEMiS GUIde menu. Select Regular SPS line and this will be inserted in the model.

The simulation should be approximatively the same but if you check now in the powergui block, you will observe that only two state-space systems have been built.

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