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This demo shows how to use an ARTEMiS multi-rate decoupling stubline to decouple and interface 2 subcircuits running at 2 different sample rates.

This is possible in RT-LAB using ARTEMiS: adding several ARTEMiS Guide is each RT-LAB subsystem is used to apply different sample times to the various subsystems.

The stubline is a one-time-step length transmission line for which the user can select the total inductance and resistance. Used with transformers, the stubline can often substitute for the secondary leakage inductance and provide a decoupling delay in the global systems of equations

In real-time applications, this enables the parallelization of the computations on different CPU cores.


In this demo, a single-phase transformer and a load are simulated in 2 different subsystems at 2 different rates. The model includes reference models that do not use stublines and one that uses a standard (single-rate) stubline for comparison purpose.

In both stubline models, the transformer secondary leakage inductance is transferred to the stubline.

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