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The following PDFs can be accessed by pressing the corresponding Help button on the ARTEMiS SSN blocks

  1. ARTEMiS DC bus decoupling blocks
  2. LU and LDLT factorizations in SSN
  3. On-line variable RLC blocks, saturable inductance and likes
  4. SSN On-Load Tap Changing Transformer (with on-line variation of taps)
  5. Faults and POW blocks
  6. Reconfigurable breakers for switch management in a unique model
  7. Marti-type PDF line
  8. Wideband line (also called Universal Line model)
  9. SSN Synchronous machine models (with or without Neutral terminal)
  10. SSN PMSM model
  11. SSN Induction Machine and DFIM with explicit turn ratio
  12. SSN Iterative MOV or Surge Arrester
  13. 2-level inverter TSB
  14. 3-level NPC inverter TSB
  15. New generation TSB (2-level with parallel option, 3-level NPC, 3-level T-type)

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