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ARTEMiS/Tools/Decoupling blocks



These blocks are used to insert a decoupling delay in a system with a DC bus.

The DCbus delay left and DCbus delay right are designed to be connected together and insert a delay between both ends.

The chopper block is a DC chopper block designed to be connected directly to the input V+ and V- of the DCbus delay left block.



Chopper resistance: The resistance of the chopper in Ohms

Sample Time (s): sample time of the model in seconds.


Vdc: the DC bus voltage with a delay

Idc: the load current with a delay

Vmid: the chopper middle point voltage.

Example of usage

Simple DC bus delay insertion

A delay is inserted between the DC-bus and the load. The chopper is used to avoid DC bus overvoltage.

Simple DC bus delay insertion with multiple loads

A delay is inserted between the DC-bus and multiple loads.


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