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This circuit shows how to use the full iteration feature of SSN to simulate a 12-pulse with low inductance for the transformer, typical of onboard aircraft power systems.

  Figure 1: 18-pulse diode rectifier found in aerospace applications. 12 pulse has only two 6-pulse stages and zig-zag transformers.


This model is the same as the 12-pulse rectifier found in the 'SSN Iterative model' demos section.

The only difference is that each 6-pulse group is tied together in an SSN group, therefore NOT using the iSWITCH iterative feature.

Instead, all SSN groups are iterated until all switch states are coherent in all SSN groups, iteratively.

The FIF is activated by selecting the 'Use SSN Full Iteration' option on the ARTEMiS block. The option is in BETA mode.

Other examples

Current source inverter

Open the current source inverter example in FIF mode.

 Figure 2 : current source inverter using IGBT.

HVDC Solid State Transformer

This model implements an HVDC solid-state transformer composed of an H-bridge IGBT inverter and H-bridge diode rectifier. Using the FiF mode, the model can be SSN-grouped in various ways without affecting accuracy.

Open the HVDC model if FiF mode

 Figure 3 : HVDC system with solid state transformer.


[1] L. Montealegre Lobo, C. Dufour, J. Mahseredjian, "Real-time Simulation of More-Electric Aircraft Power Systems", Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE’13 ECCE Europe), Lille, France, Sept. 3-5, 2013

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