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The following figure shows a typical configuration of a distribution grid. Such a model is used to study the impact of various load profiles and control strategies.

This distribution system (F1a) with an on-load tap changer (OLTC) transformer at the feeder point, 120 3-phase time-variable loads (TVL), 3-phase fault and more than 650 equivalent EMTP nodes is simulated in real-time with the SSN solver.

15 SSN nodes were used in the separation of the F1a network (The SSN nodes are the 5 red dots in the image).

F1a distribution grid

Real-Time Performance

The F1a model with OLTC and one 3-phase fault can be simulated in real-time at a time-step of 70 µs on an Intel-Xeon Processor-E5-2687W (Xeon V3), using only 4 cores out of the 20 available, without any delays or stublines. 

See References for more detail on this model. This performance is currently out of reach for other real-time platforms such as Hypersim or RTDS because there are no long transmission lines in distribution systems

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