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IEEE 13 node distribution feeder with Compensated Stubline (R2017b+)

This is the IEEE 13 node distribution feeder model made with SSN.

IEEE 13 node distribution feeder diagram

This model is used to demonstrate a novel decoupling method, the Compensated Stubline[1], on the IEEE 13 node test feeder model[2].

In the model, a Compensated Stubline is inserted in the place of the line between nodes 632 and 671 and splits the network equation into two halves.

The selected line is 2000 ft (0.61 km). The stubline that replaces it has a one-time step delay and with the same total inductance, so it could be considered as having an equivalent length of ~7km at 25 us.

This increase line length typically brings some errors due to the increased capacitance of the stubline line (C=Ts^2/L). The Compensated Stubline technique has the objective of minimizing the error of the stubline model.

Demonstration test case

In this test we compare 4 different simulations:

  • Native SPS solver with nominal pi-line
  • SSN solver (art5) with nominal pi-line
  • SSN solver (art5) with Compensated Stubline
  • SSN solver (art5) with stubline only (no compensation)

All SSN cases have an SSN-OLTC transformer while a regular power transformer is used for the SPS case.(SPS does not have an OLTC model compatible with real-time). The simulation time step is 25 us.

A single-phase-to-ground fault is made at bus 671 for the test. The figure compares the 4 results for the main feeder input current (bus 632) and clearly shows that all curves match very well during the fault except for the non-compensated stubline case.

Input feeder current (phase A) during the single-phase-to-ground fault

Model notes by OPAL-RT

This model was developed jointly by OPAL-RT and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga[1]. It is based on an SPS demo model, converted for SSN, to which the bus 650 OLTC regulating transformer has been added.


[1] B. Ahmed, A. Abdelgadir, N. Saied, and A. Karrar, "A Compensated Distributed-Parameter Line Decoupling Approach for Real-Time Applications" in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, DOI: 10.1109/TSG.2020.3033145.

[2] "IEEE 13 Node Test Feeder standard document", IEEE Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

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