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About this Guide

This guide explains the basic concepts and requirements of ARTEMiS to execute real-time simulations of electric circuits and systems.


ARTEMiS introduces innovative fixed-step solvers and efficient computational techniques that dramatically improve the computational performance of Simscape Power Systems, and allow the real-time simulation of Simscape Power Systems models.

For users of The MathWorks' Simscape Power Systems Toolbox (formerly known as the Power System Blockset or SimPowerSystems Toolbox) who need to accelerate their power system models or simulate them in real time, ARTEMiS provides enhanced algorithms that ensure reliable, accurate, and fast fixed step-length computations, essential for high fidelity, high-performance simulations.

Unlike Simscape Power Systems on its own, ARTEMiS was designed from the ground up to support real-time implementations of power systems simulations, improving computation speed while preserving accuracy. It is the best way of getting high precision, hard-real-time performance out of Simscape Power Systems models.

Key Features

Designed for Fast Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop

  • Fixed-time-step integration algorithms designed for real-time applications
  • Compatibility with the Simulink Coder code generator (formerly known as Real-Time Workshop)
  • Compatibility with RT-LAB for distributed real-time execution on multi-core microprocessors and PC clusters

Higher Precision for Linear Circuits with High-Frequency Components Close to the Sampling Frequency

Innovative Solvers

  • State-Space Nodal (SSN) solver allows simulation with hundreds of switches and close to 1000 nodes
  • L-stable 5th high order discretization methods available

Fewer Numerical Oscillations

  • Uses stable integration methods that are more immune to numerical oscillations (L-stable)

Easy to Install and Use

  • Automatically installs in all available MATLAB versions available
  • Drag-and-drop ARTEMiS block into existing Simscape Power Systems models.
  • Toolbox containing solver blocks and real-time optimized models available in the Simulink library browser
  • Online documentation
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