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This model implements a PMSM motor drive with 9 kHz vector control. The Inlined Voltage Inverter Compensation (IVIC) method of ARTEMiS is used to compensate accurately the 9 kHz PWM IGBT pulses at a time step of 10µs. The inverter compensation is made within the SSN solver, without any delays, and the PMSM machine is modeled using the SSN methodology [1].

It notably does NOT require snubbers to be accurate and stable in high-impedance and rectifying modes. It is a variation of the model used by MELCO in 2003 that used TSB (Interpolating switching-function model) for the inverter, with the PWM driven at 9 kHz with deadtime effects [2].


[1] C. Dufour, D.S. Nasrallah, "State-space-nodal rotating machine models with improved numerical stability" Electrimacs 2017 conference, Toulouse, France

[2] M. Harakawa, H. Yamasaki, T. Nagano, S. Abourida, C. Dufour and J. Bélanger, "Real-Time Simulation of a Complete PMSM Drive at 10 us Time Step", Proceedings of the 2005 International Power Electronics Conference - Niigata (IPEC-Niigata 2005)

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