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ARTEMiS/SSN Machines



Implement a 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine, modelled with a d-q rotor reference frame aligned with the rotor, and for use with the SSN solver. Stator windings are connected in wye to an internal neutral point. The model is 2th order on the electrical side only. The mechanical part must be modelled externally to provide the rotor speed of the machine.



Stator resistance (Ohms)

Ld d-axis inductance (H)

Lq q-axis inductance (H) :

Magnet flux (Wb): peak magnet flux seen by the stator winding.

Number of pairs of poles: number of pair of poles

Sample Time (s): sample time of the model in seconds.

Input and Output signals

Simulink connection points

w_mec: mechanical speed of the machine in rad/s. This speed is usually computed from a mechanical model that includes the machine and other devices torques and inertias.

meas: measurements available:

flux: phid phiq (Wb): fluxes of the machines used as states internally.

Iabc(A): ABC terminal currents in Amperes.

Electrical torque (N.m): Electric torque of the machine in N.m.

Mechanical angle (rad): rotor angle in radians.

Physical Modeling connection points

a,b,c: stator phase connection points.

Known Limitations


SSN_OpenPhase_PMSM_allModes.mdl is an example that uses the SSN PMSM in a PWM vector control application. In the model, the PWM is at 9 kHz. The model tests the controller in standard control mode and in open-phase mode in a way similar to [2] but with SSN PMSM and SSN 2-level IGBT inverter models.


[1] C. Dufour, D. S. Nasrallah, “State-space-nodal rotating machine models with improved numerical stability”, IECON-2016 conference.

[2] M. Harakawa,  C. Dufour,  S. Nishimura,  T.Nagano, “Real-Time Simulation of a PMSM Drive in Faulty Modes with Validation Against an Actual Drive System”, Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE-2009), Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 8-10, 2009

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