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The circuit shows the capability of ARTEMiS-SSN solver to make the real-time simulation of a Marti-type FD-line within ARTEMiS, Simulink and SimPowerSystems.

This new SSN Marti-type FD-line model comes with some important improvements over the first-generation model:

  • Much simpler data preparation and mask: only the EMTP .pun file is required. (The conversion to structured data is made inside the model now)
  • X-type NIBs are now optional (although the SSN solver is still required)


In the demo, a 193 km line is energized with an RL load and a fault at phase C. The fault activates at 0.2 sec. The demo compares the old and new models, using the same sets of fitting poles and zeros.


C. Dufour, J. Mahseredjian, J. Bélanger, J. L. Naredo, "An Advanced Real-Time Electro-Magnetic Simulator for Power Systems with a Simultaneous State-Space Nodal Solver", IEEE/PES T&D 2010 - Latin America, São Paulo, Brazil, Nov. 8-10, 2010

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