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Using ARTEMiS' Add-On for SPS:

  • Start MATLAB and open a Simulink model that uses the blocks from the SimPowerSystems blockset such as SPS demo power_monophaseline.

    >> power_monophaseline

  • From the MATLAB command window, open the ARTEMiS library prompt by typing artemis. The ARTEMiS library window is displayed.

    >> artemis

  • Click the ARTEMiS block and drag the ARTEMiS Guide block into your model.

  • Run your model. Once the ARTEMiS Guide block is placed in a model, the linear part of the power system is simulated using the fixed time step algorithm and options specified in the ARTEMiS Guide dialog box.
  • If both the ARTEMiS Guide block and the PowerGUI block from SimPowerSystems blockset are present in a model, the ARTEMiS Guide block has precedence.

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