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This figure shows the usage of SSN blocks in SPS models. The model used for this test is named ArtemisSSN_simple_switched_case.mdl.

Some basic rules to be followed when using the SSN blocks:

  • SSN-nodal interface block (NIB) connected to inductive groups must have V-type port (view it has a Voltage source connected to an inductive element. V-type NIB contains a virtual voltage source)
  • SSN-nodal interface block (NIB) connected to capacitive groups must have I-type port (view it has a current source connected to a capacitive element, I-type NIB contains a virtual current source)
  • The Main ARTEMiS Guide must have Enabled State-Space Nodal (SSN) method set.

Disabling SSN (for validation in SPS)

For comparison purposes, if you disable the Enable State-Space Nodal method (SSN) checkbox, the model runs using standard ARTEMiS method with the SNN nodal interface blocks still inside the model.

This is because the SSN nodal interface blocks are simply null current/voltage sources that do not change the simulation when the SSN method is turned off.

It is often easier and more reliable to simply delete the ARTEMiS Guide block if one wants to compare their SSN model with ’pure’ SPS.

In that case, the NIB null internal sources will not affect the SPS simulation, i.e. there is no need to remove the NIB in this case.

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