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To use iMOV in SSN, access the iMOV block provided in the ARTEMiS >SSN >Iterative Models library. The online demo SSN_iMOV_power_surgnetwork.mdl is used to illustrate this in more detail.

The iMOV model must be connected directly to X-type NIB anywhere in the model. Provided that the Maximum number of iterations (iMOV and iSWITCH) parameter of the ARTEMiS GUIde is set high enough (typical value of 5 is ok for most cases), the iterative solution of SSN is used to solve this network. The MATLAB prompt should also highlight that iMOV is used in the simulation.

Third-Party Rule block detected: SSN_iMOV_power_surgnetwork/ARTEMiS Guide1

ARTEMiS-SSN: approx. memory required: 0.017752 Mb (including nodal matrix)
SSN group info
Group 1 : 12 states, 9 inputs, 9 outputs, 2 switches.
Group 2 : 0 states, 4 inputs, 2 outputs, 0 switches.(SSN Iterative MOV)
Group 3 : 0 states, 3 inputs, 2 outputs, 0 switches.(SSN Iterative MOV)
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