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OPAL-RT provides the DNP3 outstation (slave) driver for transmission and reception of data and control commands between the simulator and master systems such as RTU, gateways, remote control center and SCADA systems.

In this operating mode, the simulator emulates measurements from one or many field outstation devices and sends data to the real master systems that monitor analog and binary data points by continuously polling data points from simulator or by activating unsolicited responses. When unsolicited responses are activated, the simulator only transmits the data point values when changes are detected. Remote control centers and SCADA systems send the control commands back to the outstation devices.

This driver provides an asynchronous TCP/IP communication interface and an IP aliasing mechanism allowing to assign different IP addresses to each slave/outstation instance even if a single physical network interface (i.e., ethernet port) is used.

DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) is an open protocol for the transmission of data using serial and IP communication that is primarily used by electrical utility industry. DNP3 was developed for the monitoring, data acquisition and control of power system equipment and for ensuring interoperability between thousands of IEDs, RTUs and operational SCADA systems.

Platform Compatibility

Product Selection Guide

This communication protocol can be added via software license to OPAL-RT real-time simulators without any additional hardware add-on modules. The base license comes with 50 data points (Visit this webpage more information on data points) but if additional data points are required, then additional data points may be added via product OP3050. Since real-time simulators come with one available ethernet port, if additional physical ethernet ports are required on the real-time simulator, these can be added via kit. Note that for applications requiring many ethernet ports, the OP4510 platform is not recommended.

TypeProduct Number(s)OptionalDescriptionSimulator CompatibilityAdditional requirement(s)

Driver - DNP3 Outstation Slave communication protocol for exchange of data between master stations and RTU and IED - 50 data points included. Additional data points may be added with the OP3050 product.





License for additional I/O data points for Ethernet-based communication protocols. 1000, 5000 or 30000 (unlimited) data points may be added.


Dual-port PCI-E X1 Gigabit Ethernet Kit for OP4510 Real-Time Simulators. Can be added if more physical ethernet ports are required for Modbus TCP.

OP4510 requires its PCIe slot to be available

Intel I350T4V2 Quad Port Ethernet Server Adapter 10/100/1000 Mbps. Can be added if more physical ethernet ports are required for Modbus TCP. 

Open PCIe slot required
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