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OPAL-RT offers FlexRay solutions on the NI PXI platform. The solution consists of a PXI module that supports FlexRay, namely the PXIe8510 (2 or 6 ports) along with VeriStand XNET driver.
FlexRay is a protocol developed to the increasing data rate demands of the automotive business. It is faster than CAN and LIN, reaching speeds of 10MBits/s. It also requires more hardware than CAN or LIN, 2 or 4 wires. 

Platform Compatibility

Product Selection Guide

When using NI PXIe hardware, the PXIe8510 module supporting 2 to 6 ports is required along with NI VeriStand.

TypeProduct Number(s)Description
PXIe modulePXIe8510 (784122-01 or 784121-01)2 or 6 port multi protocol interface module
Software780590-35NI VeriStand Full Development System
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