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  • Added the ability to simultaneously run 2 or more instances of HYPERSIM on the host PC
  • Added a license for PSCAD Import available to all users
  • Added a license for PSS®E Import available to all users
  • Added a model to the Target Inputs and Outputs Library:
    • Target I/O Interface to help visualize and simplify the management of I/O connections in the schematic 
  • Added models to the Control Protection Relay Library:
  • Added new Example models:
    • Renewable Energy: MicroGrid Droop Control which demonstrates the Islanded Operation of an Inverter-based Microgrid Using a Droop Control Technique 
    • IO Interfaces: MuSE Example Project with the OP5033 which shows how MuSE can easily expand I/O capability by connecting multiple FPGA-based I/O expansion chassis
    • IO Interfaces: Added MMS Support and the IO Interface component to the IEC61850 Sync1588 Example Model
  • Added the following Python API commands:
  • Added a new Warning for devices that are missing sensors 
  • Added a "Select/Deselect All" option for Record in Sensors Summary Form 
  • Added the ability to lock a model when a second user opens the same model when more than one instance of HYPERSIM is running
  • Added a Transformer Data tab in the Z-Based Transformer Parameter form that enables users to automatically generate parameters from manufacturer specifications 
  • Added FPGA details and a refresh button to the Target Information window that returns FPGA card type and Chassis ID 


  • Improved the simulation startup time for large models
  • Improved the Sensor Management workflow 
  • Improved Simulation Settings window with a cleaner interface, and additional information such as the Target Architecture
  • Improved error messages:
    • related to RPC timeouts by giving more specific information and additional details 
    • when a user attempts to start or apply a Target when the license (Host and/or Target) is invalid or missing 
  • Improved battery current measurement from bundle to output pin which will improve stability


  • Fixed .oprec opening error when double-clicking on the file 

  • Fixed signal group returning to the default value when clicking on record in sensor summary view 

  • Fixed issue in Export Project Wizard where not all sensor configuration files were listed 
  • Fixed issue where localhost would sometimes not initialize due an IP address conflict 
  • Fixed naming of the output current and input voltage in the "Controlled V Source, series" to help address stability issues in models using this component


  • Removed Samba dependencies

  • Removed export as JPG in ScopeView (image export only supports *.png)

I/O Interfaces


  • Added jitter detection mechanism during idle time (hardware and software sync) 
  • Improved I/O Configuration UI:
    • Added filter columns on table of any configuration page 
    • Fixed reorder columns on any configuration page 
    • Removed the "Add above" button and simplified additions in lists by reducing insertion buttons to just 1 
  • Improved the handling time of large configurations 
  • Improved the configuration of the collapsed tree state following a refresh 

IEC 61850

  • Added a new I/O interface with support for IEC 61850 MMS protocol
  • Added conversion wizard to port legacy configuration and connections to the new interface
  • Fixed use on non-English Windows PCs
  • Fixed microsecond value placed in GOOSE packets when using the automatic clock detection mechanism

Modbus Master

  • Added the triggered read/write functionality 

  • Fixed byte ordering when reading float values 


  • Added support for new mezzanine OP5360-3
  • Added BETA support for new mezzanines OP5367-1, OP5367-3, OP5367-5
  • Fixed use of PWM Synchronize AIn (RCP) on OPALRT-Linux systems
  • Fixed TSDIN performance issues 
  • Fixed overruns occurring due to remotes not having output connections 
  • Fixed incompatibility between the Fast Scope FPGA and Default Output Values (DOV) features 
  • Fixed board ID validation issues for threshold (OP5369) and multi-rate (OP5030-#) configuration on remotes 

FPGA-Based Simulation

More detailed list of release notes are available at C:\OPAL-RT\eFPGASIM\v2.9.5.61\Docs\ReleaseNotes

  • Added support for ROff in all switch-based components
  • Added support for Solver settings, ability to select Node Analysis method and validate any circuit component compatibility
  • Added support for three new solver settings in eHS Gen5 : Discretization Method, Backward Euler and ART 5
  • Added support for 2MSPS sampling rate for analog outputs in standard firmware
  • Added support for initial state in capacitors and inductors in eHS Gen5
  • Added support for active low gate polarity in eHS Gen5
  • Fixed LCA in eHS Gen 4
  • Fixed resolver connection to external excitation in Generic Machine block

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