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Function nameDescription

Mathematical | ABS

Outputs the absolute value of selected signal.

Mathematical | CUMSUM

Outputs the cumulative sum of input over time.

Mathematical | DERIV

Outputs the derivative of the input.

Mathematical | DIFF

Outputs the difference between two consecutive samples from the input.

Mathematical | INTEG

Outputs the integral of the input.

Mathematical | LOG

Outputs the natural logrithm of input.

Mathematical | LOG10

Outputs logarithm to the base 10 of input.

Mathematical | MAX

Outputs the maximum value of input.

Mathematical | MOY

Outputs the average value of the input.

Mathematical | MIN

Outputs the minimum value of input.

Mathematical | NEG

Outputs the negative values.

Mathematical | PHASEDIFF

Outputs the absolute difference between two phases.

Mathematical | PHASESHIFT

Outputs the phase difference between two vectors in degrees.

Mathematical | POS

Outputs the positive values of input.

Mathematical | PROD

Outputs the product of all signal values.

Mathematical | RMS

Outputs the root mean squate of the input signal.

Mathematical | SIGN

Outputs the sign of the input.

Mathematical | SQRT

Outputs the square root of input.

Mathematical | STAIR

Generates discrete stairs at regular intervals.

Mathematical | SUM

Outputs the sum of all samples of input.

Mathematical | WAVG

Outputs the moving average of the input signal.

Mathematical | WMAX

Outputs the moving maximum of the input signal.

Mathematical | WMIN

Outputs the moving minimum of the input signal.

Mathematical | WRMS

Outputs the moving RMS of the input signal.

Mathematical | WSUM

Outputs the moving sum of the input signal.
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