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TestView is a software used to define and execute tests on models developed in HYPERSIM. One can, through a user-friendly GUI and among other things, define a script that sets the parameters of a model, executes that test, processes the signals, saves the data and re-runs that test or another one. It has moreover access to all ScopeView capabilities.

Main Features

  • It supports offline and real-time simulations.
  • It can repeat a test on one model (a script) any number of times.
  • It can run any number of scripts (batch mode), thus making the number of tests on any number of models virtually infinite. (Any limitation usually comes from Java heap memory and how the test is defined, but TestView can easily run thousands of tests without involvement on the part of the user.)
  • It can create an instance of ScopeView and has access to all ScopeView functionalities.
  • It can read values from an Excel file and automatically adjust the number of tests to execute. It can also write the processing results in an Excel file.
  • It has a context-based GUI; no programming skills are required.
  • It has post-processing capability, meaning that it can compare the results from different tests without the user’s intervention.
  • It can export data in different formats (COMTRADE, MAT, PS and TXT), as well as waveforms (JPG, PNG and PDF).

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