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Analog Inputs Configuration Page

This page is populated with a list of the Analog Input channels available for the selected Hardware Configuration. Gains, offsets, minimum and maximum saturation factors can be applied to the signals acquired using the analog input channels. 

The following configuration options are available at edit-time for each channel:

Analog Input Settings

Signal gain. The raw signal is multiplied by this value before the Offset, Min, and Max saturation are applied.


DC offset of the signal.  This value is added after the Gain has been applied.


Lower saturation limit of the signal. It is applied after the Gain and Offset.

MaxUpper saturation limit of the signal. It is applied after the Gain and Offset.

Analog Inputs Section Channels

This section includes the following custom device channels:

Channel NameTypeUnitsDefault ValueDescription

Raw analog data read by the FPGA on channel AI<XX>. The data has not been conditioned by the Gain, Offset, Min, and Max parameters.  To view the conditioned signals at a higher resolution, consider using Waveforms instead.

The Analog Inputs section is populated with one AIXX channel for each Analog Input channel available in the selected Hardware Configuration.

Conditioned Analog Input signals can be mapped to other simulation components by navigating to their respective configuration pages listed below. Mapping options may vary between Hardware Configurations.

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