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Operating System Requirements


National Instruments Software

The table below lists the National Instruments software dependencies for the OPAL-RT Power Electronics Add-On for NI VeriStand.  These dependencies must be installed to the development machine first.

SoftwareNI License RequiredSupported Versions
NI VeriStandVeristand Development System

2018, 2019, 2020 (all revisions)

NI VeriStand and Power Electronics Add-On Version Compatibility

Power Electronics Add-on1.
VeriStand 2017

VeriStand 2018

VeriStand 2019 R3

VeriStand 2020

⚫ = Supported  ⚪ = Unsupported

NI R Series Multifunction RIONone


PXI Platform ServicesNone

Driver versions must be compatible with the installed version of VeriStand.  See Installing VeriStand below for more information.

NI System ConfigurationNone

Installing VeriStand 2020 or VeriStand 2019 and Drivers

When using the NI Package Manager to install VeriStand 2019 or 2020, compatible driver versions are automatically selected for installation.  OPAL-RT recommends launching the VeriStand installation using these steps:

  1. Download and install the NI Package Manager.
  2. In the Browse Products tab, search for VeriStand and select VeriStand and Drivers.
  3. Select the desired VeriStand version and click Install.
  4. In the Install VeriStand and Drivers dialog box, ensure that all drivers listed in the table above have been selected before completing the installation.

Installing VeriStand 2018 and Drivers

Click here to download a file containing a package installer for VeriStand 2018 and compatible versions of the required NI drivers.  Note that it is also possible to download these installers individually from the National Instruments website.

Circuit Editor

The OPAL-RT Power Electronics Add-On for NI VeriStand allows a circuit model designed using standard modeling environments to be imported and simulated on FPGA. See Supported Circuit Editors for more information. The following tool is required to use the Add-On. 

Modeling Environment


Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems Simulink BlocksetMATLAB 2011b-2019b

Other Required Software





MATLAB RuntimeRequiredR2016b (9.1) (Only)Download
Microsoft Excel

Optional (See Scenarios)


Optional (See PMSM SH)

ANSYS Maxwell

Optional (See PMSM SH)

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