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Digital Outputs Configuration Page

This page is populated with a list of the Digital Output channels available for the selected Hardware Configuration.   Map machine sensor outputs and other simulated signals to each Digital Output channel to interact with external hardware

The following configuration options are available for each channel, configurable at edit-time only:

Digital Output Settings

Filters the list of available Elements to be mapped to the Digital Output channel. The available options are defined by the selected Hardware Configuration, however it is typical to see the following options by default:

  • Not Connected
No signal is mapped to the physical channel.
  • CPU (VeriStand)
VeriStand custom device channels on the CPU. If this Source is selected, the Element dropdown is populated with a single option displaying the name of the custom device channel whose value is mapped.
  • Encoders
Output channels of the Encoder sensor models. In the Element dropdown, select the name of the channel to map.
  • PWMs
PWM outputs of the PWM Generators Section. In the Element dropdown, select the index of the PWM Generator whose output signal to map.
  • Digital Inputs
Digital Input channels. In the Element dropdown, select the index of the channel to map.

The name or index of the signal to be mapped to the digital output channel. The options available in this dropdown depend on the selected Source.


The polarity of the signal.  Active High signals output a HIGH voltage when the signal is True and a LOW voltage when the signal is False.   Active Low signals output a HIGH voltage when the signal is False and a LOW voltage when the signal is True.

Digital Outputs Section Channels

This section includes the following custom device channels:

Channel Name



Default Value



The Digital Outputs section is populated with one DOXX custom device channel for each physical Digital Output channel available in the selected Hardware Configuration.

If the CPU (VeriStand) Source option is mapped to a Digital Output channel, the value of its corresponding DOXX custom device channel drives the output of the physical channel. If the CPU (VeriStand) mapping option is unused, the value of the channel does not affect the Digital Outputs or the simulation.

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