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How to Add the Power Electronics Add-On to the System Definition

How to Select a Hardware Configuration

How to Create a Circuit Model


Follow these steps to add a circuit model to the System Definition.  This is required before configuring most parameters and mapping options in the Power Electronics Add-On. 

  1. In the VeriStand Editor, click Configure... to launch the System Explorer. 
  2. Expand the Power Electronics Add-On custom device and select a Circuit Model section to display the configuration page.
  3. Click the Circuit Model File Path file browser button and navigate to the circuit model file you want to use. Wait for the parsing process to complete. (This may take several seconds).
  4. Notice that the Sources, Switches, and Measurements sections have now been updated with the components defined in the circuit.
  5. Optional: Click the Refresh button to retrieve additional information such as the Minimum Timestep of the circuit, or the Number of Scenarios Used.

How to Use the Scenarios Feature

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