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Measurements Configuration Page

In the System Explorer window configuration tree, expand the Power Electronics Add-On custom device and select Circuit Model >> Measurements to display this page.  After a model is successfully loaded in the Circuit Model Section, this page is added to the configuration tree and populated with a named list of the Measurement components found in the circuit model. 

For each Measurement, the following information is available.  No settings or parameters can be configured on this page.

Measurements Settings

Displays the type of Measurement:

  • Voltage
The eHS solver outputs a voltage measurement on the corresponding channel during the simulation.
  • Current
The eHS solver outputs a current measurement on the corresponding channel during the simulation.

Measurements Section Channels

After a model has been loaded in the Circuit Model Section, the Measurements section of the configuration tree is populated with a list of custom device channels corresponding to each measurement component found in the circuit model.  These channels can be connected to other VeriStand channels in the project using the VeriStand Mapping Diagram.  Note that for any connections made in the Mapping Diagram, the data is passed through VeriStand channels on the Real Time CPU, resulting in increased latency and slower sampling rates than the rate at which data is generated on the FPGA. 

To map eHS Measurements to other FPGA-simulated components managed by the Power Electronics Add-On, use the mapping options on their respective configuration pages:

To view eHS Measurements in the VeriStand Workspace UI, use the Waveforms feature.

Measurements Description

Measurements are the output signals of the circuit model. They represent either a current or a voltage measurement and can be mapped to other components such as analog output channels, custom device channels, machines, waveforms, and more. In an electrical circuit diagram, it is recommended (but not necessary) to denote the measurements of the model with the YXX prefix as seen in the circuit model diagram below.  See Supported Circuit Editors for a list of supported Measurement components in the circuit model.

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