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Acceptable values

ID (in ‘Electronically Coupled Generator’ box)

ECG identifier

The ID may not contain blank spaces.

Number (in ‘Electronically Coupled Gen­erator’ box)

ECG Number

May contain up to 31 alphanumeric characters, but no blank spaces.

Status (in ‘Electronically Coupled Gener­ator’ box)

Connection status of the component

Connected or Disconnected


Phases present in the network

At least one phase should be selected.

Active Generation (in ‘Grid-Side Output Generation’ sub-box of ‘Settings’ box)

Total generated active power by the ECG in kW

Any value

Inverter Control Type (in ‘Grid Manage­ment Limitations’)

Type of Control

Adjust Power factor

Power Factor (in ‘Grid Management Lim­itations’ box)

Available only when ‘Adjust power-flow’ is selected for Control Type of the inverter. in percentage


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