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As shown below, to import the data from PowerFactory a DGS XML format file must be exported using 'DGS_Export_Definitions_5_to_ePH.dz'.

This configuration file is provided in demo PHASOR-17. Note that the DGS version in Export Version must be V5.00 as illustrated below.

To use the generated XML file, PowerFactory must be selected from Input file format in the Network data tab of the Solver mask.


  •  ePHASORSIM only supports positive sequence simulation for PowerFactory and exclusively based on its positive sequence components as described in Native Library chapter. 
  • During the process of exporting *.XML format in PowerFactory by using 'DGS_Export_Definitions_5_to_ePH.dz', verify and ensure there is absolutely no error or warning reported in PowerFactory's Output window regarding this process. Otherwise the generated *.XML format may not be compatible with requirements as defined in Specs for DGS File Format.

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