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This step is required only if the input data file is not Excel file.

The new component name, type, and its parameters must be defined in the 'FMUGlossary.csv' file located in ‘C:\opal-rt\RT-LAB\ v11.3.X\FMUCreator\resources\FMUGlossary’.

To add a new component to the existing ones in this file, the following fields must be filled in:

  • ID: A unique ID generated by the following MATLAB command must be used:
UUID = java.util.UUID.randomUUID

NameThe name of the component. This name must be exactly the same as the name of the component that appears in the Modelica’s library. For example: GENROU, EXST1, GAST, etc.
TypeThere are 6 types of components:

  • 1 for machine
  • 2 for exciter
  • 3 for stabilizer
  • 4 for the turbine and governor
  • 5 for maximum excitation limiter
  • 6 for minimum excitation limiter
  • 7 for two-terminal hvdc line
Number of ParametersInsert the number of parameters for each component. This value must match the number of parameters to be followed in the same row.
Parameters...Used for naming the parameters of a component. The same parameter names must exist in the component in the Modelica library. To avoid the confusion of the parameter names when different components are combined to build a GenUnit, it is recommended to use the following suffixes depending on the component type, defined in the ‘Type’ section:

  • Type 1: not required
  • Type 2: _ex
  • Type 3: _pss
  • Type 4: _tg
  • Type 5: _OEL
  • Type 6: _uel

Note: The order of parameters is not important in this file.

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