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Acceptable values

Number (in ‘Spot Load’ box)

Load identifier

Any alpha-numerical string or num­bers.

Status (in ‘Spot Load’ box)

Connection status of the load



Phase present in the network

Any selection on the combination of A, B and C

Customer Type (in ‘Settings’ box)

Load type

Constant Power load, Constant Cur­rent load, Constant Impedance load or the combination of the above three types of load defined in Volt­age Sensitivity Load Model box in Customer types editor.

Configuration (in ‘Settings’ box)

Load configuration

Star connection to ground, Delta connection.

Format (in ‘Settings’ box)

Load input format

(kW & kVAr) or (kVA & PF) or (kW & PF)

Real Power (A) (in ‘Settings’ box)

Phase-A Active power in kW

Any value

Real Power (B) (in ‘Settings’ box)

Phase-B Active power in kW

Real Power (C) (in ‘Settings’ box)

Phase-C Active power in kW

Reactive Power (A) (in ‘Settings’ box)

Phase-A Reactive Power in kVAr

Reactive Power (B) (in ‘Settings’ box)

Phase-B Reactive Power in kVAr

Reactive Power (C) (in ‘Settings’ box)

Phase-C Reactive Power in kVAr

Represent loads as constant impedance when voltage is smaller than the input percentage of nominal voltage. (in ‘Con­stant Impedance Voltage Threshold’ box)

Represent loads as constant imped­ance when the voltage is lower than the threshold.


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