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Acceptable values

Section ID

Component identifier

The section ID may not contain blank spaces.

Status (in ‘Settings’ box)

Connection status of the component



Phase present in the network

Any selection on the combination of A, B and C.

State (in ‘Settings’ box)

Working states of the component

Any selection in the drop-down menu.


  • When the switch, breaker or recloser is on (closed) the series resistance between the ‘From Bus’ and ‘To Bus’ is 1e-6 ohm. On the other hand, when they are off (open), the series resistance between the ‘From Bus’ and the ‘To Bus’ is 1e6 ohm. The shunt admittance connected to the switch, breaker and recloser is G=1e-6 Siemens.
  • A closed breaker or switch inside a line section will be neglected during the conversion procedure.

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