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ePHASORSIM supports CYME’s 2-winding transformer model.

Transformer Data



Acceptable values

Section ID

Transformer identifier

The section ID may not contain blank spaces.


Phase present in the network

At least one phase should be selected.

Primary (in ‘General’ sub-box of the ‘Set­tings’ box)

Primary side of the transformer

‘At From Node’ or ‘At To Node’

Nominal Rating (in ‘Nominal Data’ box of 'General' tab)

Rating of the transformer in kVA

Any value

Primary Voltage (in ‘Nominal Data’ box of ‘General’ tab)

Primary side rated line-to-line volt­age in kV

Secondary Voltage (in ‘Nominal Data’ box in ‘General’ tab)

Primary side rated line-to-line volt­age in kV

Z1 (in ‘Sequence Impedances’ box of ‘General’ tab)

Z1 Impedance in percent on trans­former kVA base

Z0 (in ‘Sequence Impedances’ box of ‘General’ tab)

Z0 Impedance in percent on trans­former kVA base

X1/R1 (in ‘Sequence Impedances’ box of ‘General’ tab)

X1 to R1 ratio

X0/R0 (in ‘Sequence Impedances’ box of ‘General’ tab)

X0 to R0 ratio

Primary (in ‘Configuration’ box)

Primary side connection of the trans­former

‘Star to ground’ or ‘delta’

Secondary (in ‘Configuration’ box)

Secondary side connection of the transformer

Phase shift

Phase shift of the transformer

Four type of connection (**)

Final tap(*)

Tap position of the transformer

Any value

* When a Load Tap Changer is defined for the transformer, This value is read from ‘Final Tap’ in ‘Load Tap changer’ box. However, if no tap changer is defined, a default zero value is given.

** In the current version of ePHASORSIM, 4 types of the transformer configuration are supported. They are ‘DD0’, ‘YGyg0’, ‘Dyg1’, ‘YGD1’.

Note: To access different pins for a transformer imported from CYME please look for multiphase transformer in Table 3.

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