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ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2021.3 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Support of OpenModelica 1.16.2 64bit FMU is added. This feature is only available for localhost or targets with OPALRT Linux 3.5 operating system. Please read migration notes for further details.
  • ePHASORSIM: Import from PowerFactory for using native components and its corresponding example (PHASOR-17) is re-enabled. Please read migration notes for further details.
  • ePHASORSIM: A new example (PHASOR-25) to simulate modified IEEE8500 node distribution network (EP-1945).
  • ePHASORSIM: Customized error messages to report more information when there are invalid pins (EPTT-195).
  • ePHASORSIM: Properly throw an error for invalid license key for EPHASOR_PYTHON_API feature (EP-1989).
  • ePHASORSIM: Bug fix to monitor the value of Vref0 of native exciters as an outgoing pin (EP-1980).
  • ePHASORSIM: Bug fix when there is space in model path (EPTT-147).
  • ePHASORSIM: Updated and revised the user guide (EP-1963).

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2021.2 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Invalid pins in Excel file will terminate compilation in RT-LAB. (EPTT-156). 

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2021.1 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: A new version of Excel template (v2.0). For details please check the Introduction to Excel Template. (EP-1856). 
  • ePHASORSIM: To migrate from Excel template v1.8 to v2.0 please check Migration Notes of v2021.1.
  • ePHASORSIM: Excel templates older than v1.8 are now discontinued. For details on how to migrate to v1.8 please check Migration Notes of v2020.2.
  • ePHASORSIM: The FMU usage is now extended to single component Exciter, Stabilizer, and Turbine-governor in case of using Excel template V2.0 and Modelica templates provided by OPAL-RT. This new feature allows using FMU controllers with the native library.
  • ePHASORSIM: Import from PowerFactory and CYME (for balanced systems) and their corresponding examples (PHASOR14, 17, and 19) are disabled in the current version. Please use RT-LAB 2020.4 in case these features are required (EP-1867).
  • ePHASORSIM: There must be an active Exciter in case of using Stabilizers in the model.
  • ePHASORSIM: Bug fix to monitor the status of the line as an outgoing pin (EPTT-187).
  • ePHASORSIM: Updated and revised the user guide (EP-1873, EPTT-163).

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2020.4 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: A new example (PHASOR-21) to simulate a synthetic 10,000 bus transmission system on the footprint of US portion in WECC (EP-1828). 

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2020.3 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Integration of Unified Data Base (UDB) in a mask of solver as a trial release. In the current version, this feature exclusively works for PSS/e input data files only when the built-in library is going to be used. To use this free feature installation of UDB is required (EP-1745). 

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2020.2.3 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Fixed incorrect detection of asymmetric admittance matrix (EPTT-178). 

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2020.2 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: New version for Excel template (v1.8). Added service status as an input parameter for Loads, Lines, and Transformers in both positive sequence and multi-phase libraries (EP-1718). For more details please check Migration Notes.
  • ePHASORSIM: Be advised that v1.6 and v1.7 will be discontinued in the next releases.
  • ePHASORSIM: For PSS/e input files and built-in library, from RAW file now it also imports all supported components whose status is '0'.  In the case of incorporating FMUs, the initial status of the corresponding component in the RAW file must be '1', otherwise, the data will not be imported.
  • ePHASORSIM: Enable Power-flow to incorporate the status of native components in its calculations (EP-1677).
  • ePHASORSIM: Two protection relay models are added to the Simulink library: generic over-current and out-of-step,.
  • ePHASORSIM: A new example (PHASOR-02) to simulate cascading outage is added that uses new Simulink Based Protection Relays (EP-1726).
  • ePHASORSIM: In the Modelica library, a new parameter called 'partType' is added. See user guide for more details (EP-1707).
  • ePHASORSIM: Updated and revised the user guide (EP-1744).

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2020.1 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: New design for the mask of Solver block (EP-693). 
  • ePHASORSIM: All the Excel files with versions lower than v1.6 have been discarded. Be advised that v1.6 and v1.7 will be discontinued in the next releases.
  • ePHASORSIM: New feature to replace FMUs by native library exclusively in case of PSS/e input files.
  • ePHASORSIM: Throw error for inconsistency in license keys (EPTT-113).
  • ePHASORSIM: Resolve the conflicts in the name of functions in common with MatLab, deg2rad, and rad2deg (EPTT-145)
  • ePHASORSIM: Addition of description for HVDC parameters in PHASOR-11 (EPTT-42)
  • ePHASORSIM: Updated and revised the user guide (EP-1640).
  • ePHASORSIM: Dropped the support of Matlab versions lower than R2015b (EPTT-112)

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2019.3 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: A new example with CRANIT based on Kundur's two-area system is added (PHASOR-24)
  • ePHASORSIM: Optimizations in the run-time performance up to 30%
  • ePHASORSIM: Extensive warning messages are added to prevent of using invalid dynamic parameters. These messages are visible via "Diagnostic Viewer" in the Simulink file
  • ePHASORSIM: For OpenModelica based FMU's a 32bit compiler (in RT-LAB/Development/Compiler tab) must be chosen when localhost is the simulation target.
  • ePHASORSIM: FMUCreator takes the package.mo file to load GenUnits.

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 2019.1 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Interdependency between synchronous machines and their controllers is not a limitation anymore
  • ePHASORSIM: Beta release for native components: GENROE, EXAC4, SEXS, STAB3, STAB4, IEEEG2 models (exclusively for PSS/e dyr input file)
  • ePHASORSIM: New version of Excel template (v1.7). Please check Migration Notes for more details.
  • ePHASORSIM: A new example with Simulink based switched shunt controller is added (PHASOR-23)
  • ePHASORSIM: License update is required (2019.1)
  • ePHASORSIM: FMUCreator gets the Linux target credentials (EPTT-84, 91)

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 11.3.4 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Support Dymola (Ver. 2019) to create FMU (requires license key EPHASOR_DYMOLA_FMU)
  • ePHASORSIM: Support MATLAB 64-bit (R2016b, R2017a)
  • ePHASORSIM: License update is required (2018.1)
  • ePHASORSIM: Example PHASOR-11 has a new HVDC model
  • ePHASORSIM: Bug fix in FMUCReator to install OpenModelica (Ver. 1.9.1) on Linux target (EPTT-80, EPTT-81)

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 11.3.3 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: New environment variables to do network/data validations and get more logs and verbose output (EP-1382 and EP-1385)
  • ePHASORSIM: FMU interface now needs platform individual-based FMUs, instead of one file that includes All the FMU built in previous versions must be regenerated with FMUCreator in this version (EP-1372)

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 11.3.2 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Fix pins for three-phase voltage source (EPTT-63).
  • ePHASORSIM: Bus validation logic and error logs (EPTT-68).

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 11.3.0 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Single cage and double cage induction generator (EP-1164).
  • ePHASORSIM: Adjustable (internal voltage and impedance) 3-phase voltage source (EP-1250).
  • ePHASORSIM: New version for Excel template (v1.6) and new components (EP-1087).
  • ePHASORSIM: Multiphase transformer for distribution systems (EP-1173).
  • ePHASORSIM: A new example (PHASOR-22) with induction generators (EP-1165).
  • ePHASORSIM: Detailed report about partitioning if the number of partitions is greater than 1 (EP-1167).
  • ePHASORSIM: Including the impact of multiphase shunt status in power-flow (EPTT-51).
  • ePHASORSIM: Fix in CYME converter for susceptance units (uS as opposed to S) for Overhead Balanced Lines when converting to a multiphase network (EPTT-45).
  • ePHASORSIM: In Excel v1.6 these components are obsolete and must be replaced by their corresponding multiphase pairs: Line 3-phase, Load 3-phase, Shunt 3-phase, Bus Faults 3-phase.

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 11.2.3 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Fixed for *.DZ file in PHASOR-17 example.
  • ePHASORSIM: Revisions for *.DGS and *.PDF files in PHASOR-17 and 19.
  • ePHASORSIM: Corrections for project paths for RT-LAB import.
  • ePHASORSIM: Import a three-winding transformer from PowerFactory.
  • ePHASORSIM: Added a new example with a 2000 bus synthetic network (PHASOR-20).

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 11.2.2 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Added import from PowerFactory DGS file supports FMU.
  • ePHASORSIM: Added import from CYME is extended to support multiphase transformer, synchronous generator, PV.
  • ePHASORSIM: Added new example for Microgrid with PV integration as FMU(PHASOR-18).
  • ePHASORSIM: Added new example for PowerFactory input files with FMU (PHASOR-19).
  • ePHASORSIM: Added new FMU based components are added, check the user guide to see the complete available items.
  • ePHASORSIM: Improved impedance of Pi-Line in positive sequence can be tuned during simulation.
  • ePHASORSIM: Improved bug fix for FMUCreator on Windows 10.

ePHASORSIM: RT-LAB v. 11.2.0 Integration

  • ePHASORSIM: Import from PowerFactory DGS file is added (built-in balanced system).
  • ePHASORSIM: Import from CYME is extended for a balanced system (built-in and FMU components).
  • ePHASORSIM: Import from CYME is extended to support ECG, distributed loads, and voltage regulator, recloser.
  • ePHASORSIM: Import from PSS/e is extended to include HVDC (as FMU).
  • ePHASORSIM: Power-flow supports multiphase components.
  • ePHASORSIM: Power-flow has Flat Start and Smart Start for initial guesses.
  • ePHASORSIM: Import from CYME can now use the internal power-flow option instead of CYME's power flow Excel file.
  • ePHASORSIM: New demos are added for test automation, modified WECC system, PowerFactory, and CYME input files.
  • ePHASORSIM: Set number of cores to 1 on Linux machine if EPHASOR_THREADS is not defined.
  • ePHASORSIM: PQ measurement outgoing pins are added to multiphase lines.
  • ePHASORSIM: License update is required to Version 2017.5.
  • ePHASORSIM: Check Migration Notes in the user guide for mandatory changes.
  • ePHASORSIM: Bug fixes for the constant current load.

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