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Connecting Cables

These are the basic cabling instructions for your OP4512. Use the cables provided to connect your devices, as instructed.

  • Connect power cord to the unit and to appropriate power source (outlet).
  • Connect DB37 cables from OP4512 to external devices (motor, controller, etc.).
  • Connect the I/O expansion cables from OP4512 to external devices if applicable.
    • Cables used depends on I/O expansion option.

Make sure that all cables are properly connected before powering up.
Make sure to provide all adequate and necessary ventilation.
Power up the unit using the main power switch.

Connecting the Ground Screw

You must connect a grounding cable from the OP4512 ground screw to the rack to ensure that the OP4512 terminates securely in a ground.
Proper grounding helps prevent electric shocks, protects the simulator from voltage spikes (from a variety of causes, including lightening strikes), and provides increased immunity from EMI by lowering noise levels and emissions.

  • Select a flat braided grounding strap of adequate length (as short as possible to provide the best protection), with ring terminals on each end.
  • Attach one ring terminal to the ground screw on the OP4512.

  • Attach the other ring terminal to the rack using a nut and lock washer.

Make sure that the power switch at the rear of the unit is easily accessible for emergency shutdown.

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