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The OP5033XG is a powerful simulation target computer shelf-top or mounted in a standard 19’’ rack

It can be connected to OPAL-RT's remote I/O Chassis via PCIe or optional SFP to have a complete HIL system.

System Architecture

The target computer, used to run simulations built with OPAL-RT’s RT-LAB or HYPERSIM tools, includes the following features:

  • ATX motherboard
  • OPAL-RT-Linux 3.x real-time operating system
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors - 2nd Generation CPU with 4, 8, 16, and 44 processor cores, up to 3.8GHz. See Configuration (Options below).
  • 32GB of DRAM
  • 512GB SSD disk
  • 6 PCIe slots used to connect PCIe or PCI third-party I/O and communication cards

Note: The OP5033XG-4 configuration only uses one CPU, and can only manage 5 slots available for third-party I/O or communication boards.

Configuration Options

The OP5033XG is available in a number of CPU configurations that are factory configured according to the customer’s processing requirement.

Part NumberDescriptionCPU


OP5033XG - Real-Time Server - 4 cores 

Intel® Xeon® 4 cores - 3.80 GHz


OP5033XG - Real-Time Server - 4 cores 

Intel® Xeon® 4 cores  - 2.60GHz


OP5033XG - Real-Time Server - 8 cores 

Intel® Xeon® 8 cores - 3.80 GHz


OP5033XG - Real-Time Server - 16 cores 

Intel® Xeon® 16 cores - 3.30 GHz

OP5033XG-44OP5033XG - Real-Time Server - 44 coresIntel® Xeon® 44 cores - 2.10 GHz

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