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The OPAL-RT OP8110 is a 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier featuring high-speed and low-latency closed-loop communications for digital real-time simulation. It is designed to be used as a Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) testing tool in combination with an OPAL-RT simulator to form a complete PHIL testing solution.

The OP1400 Microgrid PHIL Test Bench is a comprehensive real-time simulation and test system for microgrid applications based on OPAL-RT’s simulators and the new OP8110 4-Quadrant PHIL Amplifier. It uses a model-based design and testing methodology to simulate microgrid topology (SIL), to validate microgrid or power electronic controllers (HIL), and to interact with real microgrid components (PHIL).

Features & Highlights

  • High-fidelity 4-Quadrant PHIL Amplifier with non-dissipative regeneration
  • Up to two 5kW 3-phase modules with independent channels
  • Overload, short circuit and over-temperature protections
  • Specially designed for real-time PHIL applications, such as power grid, motor or DER emulator
  • Large Signal Bandwidth: DC to 10kHz (-3dB), 0.5% THD
  • Integrated coupling inductors
  • Integrated Voltage and current measurements transferred to PHIL models
  • Innovative soft-switching cell based on SiC Transistors Technology
  • 120Vrms/14A per AC channel with neutral
  • 500VDC/10A bipolar or unipolar DC supply per 3-phase module
  • Very high efficiency >96%
  • Internal closed loop at 200kHz
  • Voltage and Current Mode
  • Low EMI, high-density, 2U 19” Rack Mount
  • Low output THD:
    • THD <0.5% for DC to 2kHz, full power
    • THD <2% for 2kHz to 10kHz, full power


  • Based on OPAL-RT Simulink-based Simulator: Ideal laboratory for R&D, teaching and educational/academic
  • PHIL System Device Testing: Test your system controller, your algorithm or topology under real-world electrical conditions
  • MicroGrid PHIL Testing: Create a microgrid topology where you can connect physical equipment. Analyze its interaction with other emulated DER and power grids (Photovoltaics, Wind Turbine, Battery, Load)



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