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Operating System Requirements



Windows7, 8, 10

Software Requirements

The table below lists the software dependencies for the OPAL-RT SLSC Modules. These dependencies must be installed to the development host computer.


License Required



NI VeriStandVeristand Development System2017 f1, 2018, 2018 SP1 f1, 2019 R3Download
PXI Platform ServicesN/A17.0+Download
NI System ConfigurationN/A17.0+Download
NI SLSC EDS Plugin Custom DeviceN/A2017+Download


The OPAL-RT SLSC Modules were designed for use with the SLSC EDS Plugin Custom Device for NI VeriStand. For more information, visit the following NI Community post. For builds and support of the Custom Device, please see the GitHub page here: GitHub: SLSC EDS Plugin Custom Device. It is recommended to install the Custom Device via NI Package Manager directly.

Configuring the Modules

In order to configure the modules from within VeriStand, follow the steps shown below in order to Auto-Detect the EDS-Compatible OPAL-RT SLSC Modules inserted into the SLSC Chassis.

After deploying the System Definition, the channels can be mapped to UI elements in the VeriStand Screen to manipulate the Fault Insertion Unit relays.

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