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The OP8940 is a 32-channel passthrough board with fault insertion, compatible with the NI SLSC-12001 Platform.


  • Passthrough modules for 32 signals total
  • 7 individually configurable relays for fault injection for each pair of 2 signals, for a total of 112 relays

For a full description of the OP8900 series' FIU (fault insertion unit), see here.

Board Architecture

The board features two groups of 8 differential channels (or 16 single-ended) and a set of relays adding fault insertion capability for each signal. 

The general layout of the board is as follows, with the Front Interface connectors on the left and the SLSC backplane connectors on the right: 

Two OP8G00 (P/N 126-0621) passthrough modules are used to route the signals from the FIU to the back connectors

OP8940 Configurations

Part Number


Differential Pairs

1 to 16

Differential Pairs

17 to 31


OP8940-F32-channel passthrough SLSC Conditioning Board with FIU



16 diff. FIU

OP8940-N32-channel passthrough SLSC Conditioning BoardPassthroughPassthroughN/A

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