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The OP8E03 module converts four (4) output signals produced by an OP5330 Analog Output mezzanine module into four  (4) current sources.

Each channel can be adjusted individually to convert ±16V voltages into either ±25mA or ±50mA current values.


  • Type-E module
  • Converts four ±16V voltage signals into ±25mA or ±50mA current sources
  • Input range individually configurable via switches

Board Layout

OP8E03 Current Converter Module

OP8E03 - Top View

Channel Description


  • ± 1V (from OP5330) = ±1.716mA for 25mA range.
  • ± 1V (from OP5330) = ±3.383mA for 50mA range.

Switch Settings

The four switches are located on the top of the module They allow setting each channel to either the ±25mA or ±50mA output range:

Output Range Switch

Pin Assignment

Refer to the OP8E00 Modules Pin Assignment table

Note: Current outputs can be merged at the DB37 outputs to achieve a higher current range ( ex 2*50mA, or 4*25mA).

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