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The OP8E04 module provides four adjustable gains to scale four (4) high-voltage input signals, from a maximum of ±600V (DC or peak) to ±16V, an amplitude that is compatible with the A/D converter voltage levels of OPAL-Rt  HIL/RCP platforms (for example OP5340 and OP5342).


  • 4 channels
  • 4 selectable gains for scaling signals from ranges ±100V, ±200V, ±400V, ±600V to ±16V
  • Individual gain selection
  • ±18 V power supply status monitoring

Board Layout

OP8E04 High Input Voltage Module

OP8E04 - Top View

Channel Description

The electrical circuit of each channel is represented by the figure below.

Each channel on the board is equipped with two rotary screws that allow you to set the maximum input voltage.

The circuit attenuates the high-voltage input signal according to the gain selected and brings the signal down to a ±18V signal, using +18V and -18V DC sources

The module also provides status monitoring of the ±18 V power supply.

OP8E04 Block Diagram

The module can also be used with no scaling (See the section Voltage Range Selection below).

The output signal of the module, which gets connected to the simulator's A/D converter via the DB37 connector of the carrier, is isolated from the simulator by a 499 Ohm resistor.

Typical Application Diagrams

OP8E04 Rectifier Diagram

OP8E04 Inverter Diagram

Voltage Range Selection

Screws must be in the correct positions to set the appropriate voltage ranges.

The following table provides the positions according to their voltage ranges:

Mezzanine Mode Selection Mode

SW1 Position

SW2 Position

16 V default



±100 V



±200 V



±400 V



±600 V



Model Gain Selection

Because the OP8E04 scales the input signals to ±16V, it is necessary to scale the values back to their high-voltage range in the model to ensure that the model represents the proper/real amplitudes.

The table below gives the gain value for each range.

Input Range

BW (-3dB)

Gain to use in the model

± 100V

≈ 30Khz


± 200V

≈ 45Khz


± 400V

≈ 70Khz


± 600V

≈ 85Khz


Pin Assignment

Refer to the OP8E00 Modules Pin Assignment table

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