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The OP8E51 module is designed to be connected to digital output signals coming from an OPAL-RT simulator in order to control 4 dry-contact relays.


  • 4 channels
  • Relay output  (normally open or normally closed.) individually selectable via jumpers
  • Input command from 5V to 30V to energize the relay.

Board Layout

OP8E51 - Top View

Channel Description

Each channel holds a dry-contact relay that get activated by an output signal coming from the simulator. The voltage range of this signal is 5-30V.

The default relay setting is Normally Closed (N.C.). Jumpers on the board allow changing the relay setting to Normnall Open (N.O.)

Relay Position Jumper Settings

Typical Application Diagram

OP8E51 Typical Application Diagram

Pin Assignment

Refer to the OP8E00 Modules Pin Assignment table.

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