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The following Pickering PXI chassis have been tested with OPAL-RT platforms:

14-slot, 3U, 350W Chassis(HTML)(OPAL-RT P/N: T00-1245, Pickering P/N: 40-914-001)
8-slot, 3U, 350W (HTML)(OPAL-RT P/N: T00-5129, Pickering P/N: 40-922-001)
8-slot, 3U, 350W, low-noise fan(HTML)(OPAL-RT P/N: T005138-, Pickering P/N: 40-908-001)

These chassis can be integrated with OPAL-RT simulators using a PCIe to PXI remote control interface, and are typically used to integrate fault insertion cards in real-time simulation systems, such as:

PXI Single Bus 74 channels 2A(HTML)(Pickering P/N: 40-190B-001, OPAL-RT P/N: T00-4245)
PXI Dual Bus 74 channels 2A(HTML)(Pickering P/N: 40-190B-002, OPAL-RT P/N: T00-4232)
PXI Dual Bus 10 channels 10A(HTML)(Pickering P/N: 40-199-002, OPAL-RT P/N: T00-4233) 

A series of resistor modules are also compatible with these chassis and supported with OPAL-RT platforms.

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