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Connect the USB cable

  • Connect the USB cable between the PC and the OP8666 ICP port.
  • The USB cable will directly connect to the JTAG integrated into the OP8666.

Configure the Project Properties

  • Go to Code Composer Studio (CCS).
  • Right-click on the project name created before.
  • Click on Properties.

  • Configure in the project properties the Build → C2000 Linker Basic Options.
  • Set the “Specify output file name” as Demo_gain.out.
  • Also set the “Link information (map) listed into <file>” as Demo_gain.map.
    • It should be under the Demo_gain_ert_rtw folder.

Configure the Debug Settings

  • Click on the button DebugDebug Configurations...

  • Select your project Gain_Project in the left pane.
  • Go to the Program tab.
  • In the Program field, browse to Demo_gain.out.

  • Click Apply.

Debug the Code

  • Click Debug.
  • The code is loading in the OP8666.

  • The interface in CCS changes to a Debug window.

  • In the View menu, click on Expressions.

  • Click on the Expressions tab,
  • Add the variables:
    • input
    • output
    • gain

  • Press Play to run the code.

  • Select Continuous Refresh.

  • Change the input variable value to see the change in the output.

  • To track the variable value graphically:
    • Right-click on the variable.
    • Select Graph.

  • Change the input variable value again to see the change graphically.
    • Remember to enable Continuous Refresh for graphs as well.

  • You can pause and stop the debugging.

  • You can also use debug to step through the generated code.

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