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RT-LAB | Release Notes 2021.2

New features

  • Added support of shared memory block when simulating on Windows with MinGW
  • Improved time used to load and reset a model
  • Improved closing time of a project.
  • Support for Matlab 2020 a/b
  • Set up RTLAB_ROOT environment variable though RT-LAB installer
  • Removed support of ARM architecture (op4200)
  • OPAL-RT Board: Drop support for OP4200 platforms used as central
  • CAN: Dropped support for OP4200 (Zynq) hardware
  • DNP3 Master: Added support for double bit binary inputs
  • DNP3 Slave: Added possibility to configure multiple slaves within one DNP3 Slave interface
  • DNP3 Slave: Added dead-band support for analog inputs
  • Synchronization: Added automatic discovery of network interface
  • Synchronization: Automatically create VLAN interface if it is required

Bug fixes

  • RT-LAB now waits for the closing of the backend before closing a project
  • Fixed wait-to-go feature in Orchestra
  • Fixed opening a project when it has been configured on another Host
  • Fixed latencies introduced by network configuration
  • Fixed Python script generate_and_read_multiple in DataLogger example project
  • Fixed path of .snap file when using the snapshot feature
  • All drivers: Fixed crash of simulation when one interface fails to initialize
  • Pickering: Improved core usage of an asynchronous component
  • OPAL-RT Board: Improved synchronization management for OP5600 (Spartan-3)
  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed impossibility to set the voltage range of an analog out slot reserved by eHS
  • IEC61850: Fixed connectivity problems when the simulation runs on a non-English Windows PC
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