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The OP8110 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier is the heart of the OPAL-RT line OP1400 Series test benches. It is an ultra-compact (2U) 4 Quadrants – 3 or 6 output – Power Soft-Switching Amplifier. It features a DC to 10kHz bandwidth, low noise floor, fast slew rate and extremely low harmonic distortion even under no-load conditions over all the bandwidth.

The OP8110 can be directly controlled by OPAL-RT’s simulation platforms through a high-speed fiber-optic SFP link, enabling it to emulate many different power topologies such as:

  • 3-phase 208Vline-to-line microgrid
  • 3-phase 400Vline-to-line microgrid
  • Single phase 120V/240V microgrid
  • 400VDC bus
  • ±400VDC bus
  • Other custom high voltage topologies

It can safely drive a wide range of resistive or inductive loads for up to 1.67kVA of apparent power per output, for a total of 5kVA for the three-output model and 10kVA for the six-output model. Protection circuits protect the OP8110 from improper input/output connections (including shorted and unbalanced loads), over-temperature, over-current and supply under/overvoltages.

The OP8110 features forced ambient air cooling with variable-speed fans which make it suitable for installation in any typical laboratory environnement.

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