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The following I/O cards are used to manage the signals connected to the ECU under test.

P/NModule nameAcronymComment
OP6221 Base ModuleBM 
OP6222 Reference Pulse Generator Module RPG 
OP6223 Pulse Driven Load Module PDL
OP6224 Pulsed Output ModulePOM
OP6225 Analog Sensor Module ASM
OP6226 Resistive Sensor ModuleRSM
OP6227 Switch Module SM 
OP6228 Versatile Processing Module
! Not supported in OP6000V2

Each card from the list above consists of a baseboard, which holds the specific electronic circuitry, and an FPGA-based mezzanine module (OP5142-3, P/N 126-0571), which communicates with the real-time computer CPU and implements the logic for the specific feature of the card.

Please note that all Safety Warnings, as well as all User Installation, Handling & Warning Icons, can be found here in both English and French.

Veuillez noter que tous les avertissements de sécurité, ainsi que toutes les icônes d'avertissement d'installation, de manipulation et d'utilisateur, peuvent être trouvés ici et sont disponibles en anglais et en français.

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