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This Hardware Configuration has been archived and should not be used in new projects. Please contact OPAL-RT Support for more information.

In order to recreate the following configuration, please see the steps on How to Duplicate an Existing Hardware Configuration.


IO Capabilities

This configuration requires the following FPGA boards. Please refer to the linked product page for additional information.

QuantityFPGA Board

Each PXIe-7868R supports the following features:

IO Type


Analog Input

6 CH, 1MS\s, 16-bit, +/- 10V Input Signal Range, Differential

Tunable Gain, Offset, and Min/Max Saturation

Analog Output

18 CH, 1MS\s, 16-bit

User-defined mapping to Analog Outputs available with tunable Gain, Offset, and Min/Max Saturation.

  • Measurements
  • Sinewaves
  • CPU (VeriStand)
  • 2x PMSM VDQ
Digital Input32 CH, 80MHz, 3.3V TTL (Connector 1)
Digital Output

16, 10MHz, 3.3V TTL (Connector 0)

User-defined mapping to Digital Outputs available with tunable Polarity.

  • CPU (VeriStand)
  • Encoders
  • Hall Effect
  • PWMs
  • Digital Inputs

Refer to 7868 IO Assignation [Dual_eHSx64_Quad_PMSM_VDQ_IO_Dual_7868R] to see the IO assignment.

Modeling Capabilities

This configuration includes a pre-compiled firmware/bitfile which is deployed to both PXIe-7868R FPGA boards. Both boards support the following features:


Additional Information

1x eHSx64 Solver

User-defined mapping to Circuit Sources available:

  • CPU (VeriStand)
  • Sinewaves
  • Dual PMSM VDQ
  • Analog Inputs

User-defined mapping to Circuit Switches available:

  • CPU (VeriStand)
  • PWMs
  • SPWMs
  • Digital Inputs
2x PMSM Variable Parameter Solver

Each machine supports two modes: Constant Parameter and Variable Parameter. In constant parameter mode, Ld, Lq, and flux is constant. In variable parameter mode, a user can configure the solver to such that Ld, Lq, and flux varies according to Id and Iq.

Refer to the PMSM BLDC Section for more information.

1x Resolver/motor

Excitation assignable to any analog input port

1x Encoder/motorAssignable to any DO port
1x Hall Effect Sensor/motorAssignable to any DO port
32x Sinewave Generators
16x PWM Generators
12x Sinusoidal PWM Generators
Analog Output Mapping and Rescaling
Analog Input Rescaling
32x Waveform Acquisition Channels

The two PXIe-7868R cards are not configured to communicate with each other via peer-to-peer streams and are therefore running completely independently from one another. However, they can be interconnected at the RT CPU level using VeriStand channels.

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